For education agents

Designed with your
brand in mind.

Customise with your brand, colours, slogan and even URL. Your coworkers and students will always see your brand, because at the end of the day, thats what really matters.

For example, you can easily change your logo in real-time so whenever a sales rep logs in or shows students, they will see your logo.

Sarch courses and schools and get rich info.
Create quotes and help the student in minutes.

Search everything
Type anywhere to search your students, education providers, courses and more.
Rich info
We partner with schools to provide you updated, rich and dynamic info.
Create quotes
Choose the courses, define the details and it's done. Send via email or print it.

30 days unlimited for free
No credit card required

All education providers.
And all your agreements.

We list all education providers in Australia. Choose the ones you have agreement with, add the terms of your agreements and it's done.

You can select the education providers you have agreements with and add the terms of your agreements in minutes, and every user in your organisation will have access to it.

The built-in CRM takes care of the student relationship.

We will help you with the whole student lifecycle. From lead and quote to course payments and visa renew.

For example, we remind you to follow up with the students for payment.

A latotop with opened, showing the student profile.


We protect your information 24/7, from trustworthy dedicated Amazon servers to top-notch encryption techniques.

Data isolation

Only you and business partners you choose have access to your data. Simple as that.

Automatic, dynamic, insightful reports.

Financial information

Monitor quotes, sales, receivables, office performance and forecasts in real time.

Status of your team

At a glance you have access to current leads and sales representative performance.


Dynamic images (or in this case charts) it's worth more than a thousand words.

Unlimited education providers

All education providers of Australia are listed here, just choose the ones you have agreement. Done.

Search their info, location, courses and agreements.

Type anywhere to search

You are used to Google. So here it is. Start typing so search education providers, courses and students.

We use AI to make the search more intelligent everyday.

Add custom services

Customise to your needs. You can add as many services as you want and them send them in quotes.

You can also create services that are specific for some offices.

Levels of access

Manage your organisation the way you want it. With different levels of access you can control who accesses sensitive info.

We provide three categories: admin, manager and sales representative.

Support centre

With our Support centre you will always find any info. We have the best people ready to help you 24/7.

With our Support centre you have articles to solve all your questions.

Real time

Everything occurs in real time. You don't even need to reload the page.

The data is automatically update without reloading the page.

30 days of unlimited use for free

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It takes 1 min to create your organisation, 5 min to learn how to use, and 10 min to have all your students, agreements and services ready to use.

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