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Engage your student and increase sales and conversion rate

Focus what matters most, your student.

Automate students follow up and increase your conversion rate. EducationLink is the #1 marketing automation CRM for education agents. Your education agency on auto pilot and effortless customer service, EducationLink was created for agencies.

International student journey

This framework helps you understand how EducationLink helps you in every single step of your student's lifecycle with your education agency.

This page is about Automation. Check how EducationLink can help with other stages bellow:


Easily collect student information

Send to student a form or put it in your website. It's that easy to directly add them to your CRM or collect more information to apply for their visa.

Email marketing

A well crafted email marketing works wonders. This is true just as to you as to your leads and students. Email marketing is raising and better yet is one of the cheapest ways to engage your student. From birthdays to special promotion, there's always an opportunity to keep the conversation going with your customer base.

Show that you actually care about your student with tailored messages. Delight them with helpful and automated emails. And raise above the competition with first-class customer service and post-sale management. We are happy to share with you the best practices for an awesome email campaign and marketing automation.

Some emails the best agencies send:

  • Information for their course that it's about to start;
  • Travel opportunities and local culture discovery activities;
  • How they should prepared and what to expect;
  • Important dates like birthdays, holidays, and payments.

Checkout out the EducationLink Blog for more best practices.


One of the first's and most popular email marketing software. Send custom emails name, birthday and contact information from EducationLink segment and powerful email marketing analytics

HubSpot is one of the biggest and well-know software for inbound marketing and automation. Leverage HubSpot power with seamless integrated EducationLink, and follow the trend of the most successful agencies



Never more repetitive tasks. Increase your productivity and focus on what matters. EducationLink provides email and quote templates. Create once, send it with one click.

Email templates

Do you want to send email marketing? Easy. Want to send the quote to your student? Done. Free up time by adding your email templates and sending them with one click. Use your own email address and surprise the student with a lightning fast support. PS: we will tell you when the student opens the email.

Everyday you login to your computer and start creating quotes, the bigger you are, the more time you spend. That's the reality of every agency. So let's make it as easy as three clicks. Here we go: create the quote, save as template. Your new quote template will be there awaiting for you, just click on it.

Quotes templates
Quotes Appearance templates

No education agency is the same. Customize every single aspect of your quote and send quotes to your students with the layout you always wanted, generated automatically with the courses, insurance and accommodation you select. You can have as many as you would like.


A smart CRM is an integrated CRM. Integrated with the tools you use in your day-to-day, such as Gmail or Facebook. EducationLink integrates seamlessly with the most important and popular systems in the market.

MailChimp add-on

The most famous email marketing software, it's user-friendly and deep connected with EducationLink. Sending email marketing and increasing your sales and follow up now it's now one email away.

The most powerful inbound marketing tool now deeply connected to your education agency. EducationLink handles the technicalities so you can focus on creating the sales and support powerhouse you always envisioned.

Hubspot Add-on
Google Analytics add-on

The power of Google, now with you. Unleash the re-marketing and advertising capabilities of EducationLink + Google Analytics. Simple yet advanced. The first of its kind.

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