Support & training

Here you can find always up-to-date resources to help you take full advantage of EducationLink.
Vision and about us
We believe that only working together we can all achieve new highs.
Going from quotes to sales
Course (and others) search
How to search for courses, accommodation and insurance. From the basics to the advanced.
Creating quotes
Learn how to create, customise, save as template and do complex quotes for students.
Learn how to use EducationLink forms to collect leads and student info from your website.
Automation: triggers
Set automatic tasks, emails, text messages and more with our Triggers tool.
Mastering the art of CRM
From lead to sale
Discover how to manage your leads until they become clients.
Special and custom fields
Here we show how to add your own fields to student profiles.
Student documents
In this one we go in details of managing student documents.
Student emails
Learn more about how EducationLink's email sync can do.
See how to use the built-in task manager to make your team's day-to-day easier.
Student dashboard
Learn how you can use this tool for increased efficiency and better customer experience.
Accounting: your agency by the numbers
Agreements/contracts management
Learn how to use EducationLink to manage your contracts and agreements with providers.
Pending student payments
Learn from the basics to advanced how to manage student payments.
Payments to providers
Learn how to manage provider payments (gross or net).
Student receipts
See how you can use EducationLink to generate student payment receipts.
EducationLink settings
Managing sales pipelines
Learn what it is (in-depth), how it works and how to leverage this powerful tool.
Offices and users
Everything you need to know about managing your offices and users.
Everything about EducationLink billing, subscriptions, invoices, etc...