Marketing automation for your education agency

Focus on what matters: your student. With the first education agency automation tool in the market.

The automation starts on your site and blog

Your leads and students are automatically added from your website to your student CRM.

Proving a great experience to your customers is the first step to close more deals. We've created the definitive education agency automation tool. Day-to-day tasks, such as follow up reminders, automatic emails, and connection to your website are now complete automated. Go focus on what matter.

Collect leads and student information

You know Google Forms? Like that, but better, because it's integrated with your student management system. With our integrated contact form and in your site, every new lead is automatically assigned to the right counselor.

  • Create and edit forms in minutes
  • Send the form link or embed in your site
  • Real-time integration with student CRM
Check our example of form live
No need to learn coding

Create forms and add them to your website, no code or developer needed. It's like adding a Youtube video, it's that easy.

  • All forms have your own logo and colors
  • 100% customizable forms and fields
Go further and collect more information

Collect college application and visa application information easily. Have an event? Just use a form to collect leads.

  • Unlimited number of forms
  • GDPR compliance by default

Email marketing and SMS messages directly from your CRM

Automatic emails or text messages automatically, based on your own rules and processes. The emails are sent from your own email and you can customize their appearance for full immersing branding experience in your unique education agency.

Never more repetitive tasks, introducing: Templates.

For emails and course quotes you use often, add a template. Send them again with a click of mouse. They are always branded with your logo and colors. Let your brand shine, effortlessly.

  • Unlimited email templates
  • Customize your quote templates
  • Use any template with few clicks
See how EducationLink can help you from quote to sales
Email templates built-in in your own student CRM

Send emails directly from your agency student CRM. Within the student management page, it's just one click away. Emails have your address and you receive the reply on your inbox.

  • One-click email sending to students
  • Add templates for repetitive emails easily
Quote templates for the quickest course quote

Save the course quote you use often. To send them again: choose one, change what you want, and done. Less than one minute. Simple as that.

  • Unlimited custom quote templates
  • Customize your quote templates before sending

Create your own agency automation rules

Flexible education agency automation for small, medium and large agencies across the globe.

Your agency is unique, therefore set your own unique rules to automate it. EducationLink allows you to create automatic tasks, update students (in the student CRM) and send emails and text messages given the conditions you specify.

  • Set your own rules to be executed automatically
  • Unlimited number of automation rules
  • Automatic customized emails to students
Auto lead follow up via email or SMS

Our agent management system will track every installment and commission still pending and remind you. It's easy and fast to assign tasks manually or automatically to your team.

  • Course payment is due email reminders
  • Post-sale and survey emails
Automatic tasks creation for your counsellors

Let our student management system guide your counsellors to their next task. Increase efficiency, get new employees up-to-speed faster and increase quality of your customer service.

  • Set what tasks and when they will be created
  • Check tasks of your team at any time

Marketing automation integrations

Join the team of successful education agencies that use EducationLink's marketing automation to go to the next level.

MailchimpTailored marketing automation with rich-data provided by EducationLink's marketing automation.
Hubspot MarketingLeverage the power of EducationLink's agency automation tool and Hubspot working together.
Google AnalyticsTrack and re-market leads with Google Ads and have accurate sales funnel reports.

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Concierge service

We help you with the education agency's data migration, setup of your account and training.

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